Taiwan Videos

In one Taiwan video people are shooting each other with bottle rockets, the next video they’re dancing with dragons. A small collections of our Taiwan movies. Capturing every part of this island’s culture; from the beautiful to the crazy. Here only in Taiwan…

~ Taiwan Festival ~

The Bombing of Master Han Dan Ceremony

Thousand of people every year gather on Taiwan east coast to bomb Master HanDan. In this video, you can see the bizarre festival where men are paraded around on sudan chairs like knigs and pomelled by the crowd. Learn more about the Taitung Bombing Mater Han Dan Festival and other Bizarre festivals in Taiwan.

The Beehive Yenshui Fireworks Festival

On Taiwan’s west coast – thousands more gather to have the ‘beehive’ pomell them with fireworks and bottle rockets. Watch in this Taiwan video as the ghosts are chased away with all the noise and smoke. Learn more about the Yanshui Beehive Fireworks Festival and other Strange festivals in Taiwan.

Taipei Ten Drums

A common site while exploring the streets and alleys here in Taiwan. Watch these drumming videos where the young kids beat their drums and awaken the gods. A truly enlivening experience to stumble upon.

Dragon Dance

Taipei NYE Fireworks 2010-2011

Every year Taipei explodes its tallest building to welcome in the new year. Millions gather in the streets trying to find the best view of the building. It’s truly an outstanding display among the new years celebrations around the world. People arrive hours early to claim their spot for the show lasts around ten minutes. The crowds are so large it can take hours to walk a few blocks and find a cab home. So you might as well stay and explore the many pubs and nightclubs around the downtown area.