All You Need to Know About Taiwan


If you want to learn about Taiwan, you’ve come to the right place! Taiwan is a wonderful island with a unique culture and history. And, while the same could be said about many places, to us, Taiwan is truly unique…and we aim to prove it! Only in Taiwan seeks to show you things about Taiwan that are different from what’s on offer elsewhere. Let us take you on a journey of discovery as we delve into this beautiful island’s people, culture, traditions, history and more. But don’t think this site takes itself too seriously! Taiwan is also home to some of the most bizarre happenings on the planet… and we’re going to bring them to you… in bright vivid color! Welcome to the wonderful, the shocking, the beautiful and the awful… all with one thing in common: it’s found Only in Taiwan!


What can I find on Only in Taiwan?


Visitors to this site will be treated to high-quality information on Taiwan’s geography, Taiwanese customs, Taiwan’s notable persons, Taiwan tourist attractions, Taiwan politics, little-know facts, religions, Taiwan’s languages, Taiwan holidays, Taiwanese traditions, Taiwan cities, restaurants in Taiwan, nightlife in Taiwan and more. We also have delightful pictures of wacky and wild events from across the island as well as video snippets of Taiwanese cultural festivals and occasions to better help you understand and appreciate these events. Finally, we will provide as many links as possible to English-language information spanning everything from finding a scooter to getting a resident visa. Only in Taiwan is your one-stop site for everything about Taiwan.