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Thousands of people are traveling to Taiwan to see Taiwan Doctors each year for what’s been termed “medical tourism Taiwan.” While not as well-known as South Korea or Thailand, medical tourism in Taiwan is rapidly expanding due to its high quality and extremely affordable health care system. A decade ago, a leading research firm actually ranked Taiwan’s healthcare system as the world’s second-best, coming in just behind Sweden’s. Over the past 10 years, Taiwan’s healthcare system has only gotten better.

taiwan-doctors-medical-tourism-taiwan-ntu-hospitalAn average Taiwanese citizen or resident pays roughly US$10-US$15 a month for health insurance. Due to substantial government subsidies, when someone is unlucky enough to require serious medical care, their bill is more than reasonable. A major surgery plus a week-long hospital stay could well cost a Taiwanese person less than US$500. Of course, tourists are not eligible for local health insurance but prices for the non-insured are only fractionally higher. In short, there are few places in the world were you get such a high standard of care for such low prices.

Taiwan doctors are among the world’s best: Asia’s first successful artificial heart and liver transplants were both conducted in Taiwan as were many other “world medical firsts.” But of course, the great majority of people interested in medical tourism in Taiwan are not seeking heart or liver transplants. Taiwan also excels in cosmetic procedures including breast augmentation, laser revitalization treatments, liposuction and many others. Another great value in Taiwan are health exams, including MRIs and other scans and checkups that cost as much as 80% less than in the West. Get a full body workup for almost nothing including checks of your renal and liver function, checks for diabetes or heart disease, complete blood tests as well as geriatric pre-care such as bone density or arthritis tests.

taiwan-doctors-medical-tourism-taiwan-old-ntu-hospitalA great percentage of Taiwan doctors earned their medical degrees overseas and speak English fluently. They are famously gentle and kind and do not display a certain “haughty” attitude that some Western doctors unfortunately are prone to. A doctor in Taiwan will take his or her time to consult with you, answer any questions you might have, check and double-check results at your request and leave you feeling confident that this professional actually cares about you.

As compared to medical tourism in other Asian countries such as Korea or Thailand, Taiwan rates very highly. Thailand might have better beaches, but Taiwan’s medical system is arguably superior. Korea might be at the forefront of cosmetic surgery, but Taiwan’s prices are arguably more reasonable. Each individual deciding to engage in medical tourism will have to weigh which factors are the most important to them… but for quality, value, service, friendliness, and internationalism… it’s hard to beat Taiwan